New Ash Borer and Ruin Lust LPs!

Today we have some new stock (finally….) in the shop. Some pearlers too. Psychic Violence have supplied us with vinyl copies of the latest Ash Borer 12″ EP ‘Bloodlands’ and the self-titled full length from Ruin Lust (featuring the Fell Voices drummer). Two albums of utter heaviness, but within that realm, two completely different beasts.

Ash Borer continues to outshine many of their contemporaries release after release and ‘Bloodlands’ continues this search for black metal perfection. A stunning release. If one was not familiar with Ash Borer, ‘Bloodlands’ is certainly worthy of the beginning of the journey. Likewise, for AB fans, this is obviously, essential.

Ruin Lust features the drummer from Fell Voices. Fell Voices is another of current crop of forward looking black metal bands, but Ruin Lust is not that. It is probably the single heaviest, sickest, downright bludgeoning record we’ve ever stocked. You’ve been warned.

As a further treat for you vinyl lovers out there, we have one, I repeat, ONE copy of ‘Bloodlands’ on the limited grey colour. 200 of these were pressed and they are long gone from the source labels (Gilead Media and Psychic Violence). Don’t pay silly ebay and discogs prices; you can buy this copy from me for the same price as the standard black version. There are no holds or reservations for the grey vinyl. First come, first served. If you want to collect this from me in-person, I will refund the postage you pay during checkout.


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