Zenjungle from Twice Removed Records in stock now!



The first of May brings us the new release from Twice Removed Records, Leaving Stations by Zenjungle.

Athens-bred saxophonist and composer Phil Gardelis aka Zenjungle is back with a trippy train triptych, released in an edition of 50 copies. Traveling with Phil Gardelis, at least in the given endemics of the album’s boundaries, is a thoroughly arcane and intense affair; veiled pianos, translucent guitars, shedloads of effects and swooshing particles as well as the artist’s signature instrument, the tenor saxophone, meet, mesh and depart with field recordings, accidental noise capsules and phantom frequencies. The magnitude of field recordings suggest this album to turn up at a certain Exotica Review Archive by the look of things, but this earthen realness is transmuted along the ride and pieced together with a specific genre which I preciously would not have placed Zenjungle’s music in: New Age.

– Ambient Exotica (a snippet of the full, glorious review. Click below to read the full blag:

Ambient Exotica


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