Let’s see how the resurrection goes…

The Archipelago Rises is up and running again. Whilst not of the same sheer volume as the previous incarnation, the attention to detail on quality, independent, hard-to-find-in-Australia releases is still rockin!

In stock now on gorgeous coloured vinyl is Cegvera’s latest slab of heavy post-rock ‘Creations’.

We’ve got a bunch of records from NoiseAgonyMayhem including Moths and Locusts gut-busting 2nd album ‘Helios Rising’, Anunnaki’s debut full length ‘Two Treatise on Gnostic Thought’ (a must have for lovers of long-form entrancing psych), a rip-snorter of a post-punk rocker from The Psychic Alliance ‘Evil Against Evil’ and the most-awesome Canadian psych rock compilation ‘Return of the Son of Gutbucket’, to name a few. Check it out at the bigcartel site; you’ll be hard pressed to find these jams elsewhere in Australia!

Black Horizons have fashioned us with a bunch of weird as all hell tapes, plus the absolutely thrilling full length self titled album from The Holy Circle. Featuring T Hannum from Locrian, you know this is quality shit!

Get your infos on here: The Archipelago Rises


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