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Essence Music CD releases!

Crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘i’s for a future stock partnership between Essence Music and The Archipelago Rises! Whilst we wont get the limited boxsets, we will be getting the regular CD editions in! 🙂 Let me know if there are any releases in particular you would like, and I shall get them in for you! Here’s the complete list of stuff that’s available. I will definitely be getting the Expo 70, Up-Tight and Nadja releases. If you want something else, msg me and I’ll get it in for you. Very, very reasonably priced too! 😀

EXPO SEVENTY – Virtually From The Unknown
UP-TIGHT – The Night Is Yours
NADJA – Queller
CIRCLE – Soundcheck
CIRCLE – Prospekt
AIDAN BAKER – Noise Of Silence
DRAKH – Bethlehem
NADJA – Autopergamene
MERZBOW – Camouflage
NORDVARGR – In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown…
BORIS – Soundtrack From Film Mabuta No Ura

Coming soon!!


Locrian – Return to Annihilation

I wanted to write a few words about the latest Locrian album, Return To Annihilation. Whilst I wont be able to stock the record in The Archipelago Rises, I at least wanted to draw your attention to this masterpiece. If you’ve not heard of Locrian before, and you’d be forgiven (just barely, though) if you hadn’t, they are a metal/noise/drone act out of Chicago and have been plying their trade for the best part of the last decade. A slew of tape, CD and vinyl releases have been ushered unto the world and all have been critically acclaimed; if not publicly consumed. Comprising Andre Foisy and Terence Hannum, Locrian have also hosted a few collaborators along their journey. The last few releases has seen Stephen Hess become a fully-fledged 3rd member of the group, joining Locrian on the The Clearing release and now, Return to Annihilation.

Whilst Locrian may not be so well known, a situation totally un-befitting of the incredible creativity these gents eschew out of every pore, Return To Annihilation should put paid to that. Locrian’s debut release from a huge label (Relapse Records) sees them bringing a much more accessible album to the masses. Deftly crafting elements across the board of ‘metal’ genres, the album ebbs and flows between drone bliss, black metal blackness, post-metal juggernaut and instrumental beauty. Extensive use of Moog enhances the trippy feel but does not overstate its influence; it blends with the guitar and noise work seamlessly. Stephen Hess contributes driving work behind the kit which not only adds another dimension to the Locrian sound, but almost changes it completely. I say almost, because that unmistakable Locrian sound still remains ever-present, its just the added percussion really does enhance the whole. The pieces of sound art have now morphed into ‘songs’, and whilst I personally, have never had a problem consuming Locrian noise-art, this 3rd piece to the puzzle will help enable the uninitiated to dwell in the majik that this record delivers in spades.

If you have a penchant for creative, experimental music, have an open mind to the creative use (and misuse) of all instruments, whether machine based or human, Return to Annihilation is an absolute must-have record. A fully-immersive experience, and one that should be listened to with that ethos in ear.

A heap of new releases in stock

For those following this blog, I have been real slack recently and haven’t updated this for a little while. So here are all the new releases we’ve got in store since the last blog post.

Art of Burning Water – Love You Dead LP (Superfi Records)-

Art of Burning Water – This Disgrace LP (Superfi Records) –

Atomic Cries – Suspended Between The Mouth of God and the Fist of Man 7″ (Svart Records) –

Brown Snake Kills Dog – Thicker Fog CDr (self released) –

Daighila / Grinding Halt – Split 7″ (tenzenmen) –

El Eje Del Mal / Inquiry Last Scenery – Split 7″ (tenzenmen) –

Fan Zui Xiang Fa – Self Titled 7″ (tenzenmen) –

fun – 1/3 7″ (tenzenmen) –

The Gar – City of Burning Identities (tenzenmen) –

Good Throb – Good Throb 7″ (Superfi Records) –

Hark – Mythopoeia 7″ (Superfi Records) –

Henryspenncer – Saturn CD (Bookmaker Records) –

Keller – Keller tape (Blue Tapes) –

Kosmonaut – Green tape (Avant Archive) –

LostPoet – Acapellas 4 The Culture tape (Blue Tapes) –

Nick van Breda / zzzounds – Split  7″ (tenzenmen) –

Oliwa – Naturalia CD (Twiceremoved) –

Oscillotron – Eclipse LP and CD (Cineploit) –

RL:ZZ – Phantom Silence CD (Witch Sermon Productions) –

Skip Skip Ben Ben – Sacrifice Mountain Hills CD (tenzenmen) –

Various – Silent Death CD (Metal Zone Distro) –

We Lost The Sea – The Quietest Place on Earth 2LP (Birds Robe Collective). Marble blue and black vinyl available –

Winters in Osaka – Heptagon tape (Midnight Sea Records) –

Zoltan – First Stage: Zoltan LP (Cineploit) –

TARDLS003, Witch Sermon, Twiceremoved, Gustav Franklin and more

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series number three is up and running. We’ve got a noise rock number from Winters In Osaka, short but sweet. It’s a pretty cool thing, and shows a divergent side to WiO’s usual noisier-side-of-the-spectrum output.

Limited to 40, this goes out with every order of a new item from The Archipelago Rises.

Righty then, we’ve got some new stuff winging its way down here. As always, very limited stocks:

Anonymeye – Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar 3″CDr (Twiceremoved, limited to 150)
Linear Bells – Esther (Twiceremoved, limited to 100)
Gustav Franklin and Anna Kinbom – MARS500 CDr (self-released, limited to 20)
Plankton Wat – Mirror Lake LP (Sound of Cobra, limited to 300)
RL:ZZ – Shrine cassette (Unrest, limited to 120)
RL:ZZ – Fragment cassette (Phage Tapes, limited to 100)
Winters in Osaka – Last Days cassette (self released, compilation-type release)
Winters in Osaka – Further Beyond CDr (self released, compilation-type release)
Various – Seance dbl cassette (Worthless Recordings, limited to 100, check the mental here:
Astro/Winters in Osaka – Reverberating Forest CD (Phage Tapes/Dismantle Records, limited to 500)
Quiet Steps – Secular CD (Tenzenmen)
Birdstriking – Birdstriking CD (Tenzenmen)
White – White+ CD (Tenzenmen)
Mr. Graceless – The Tree Ever Green CD (Tenzenmen)
Brown Snake Kills Dog – Others See What We Are Blind To CD and cassette (album constructed by Andy Lippoldt (Witch Sermon, ZZ, Persistence in Mourning, Winters in Osaka, RL:ZZ) and myself, utilising real instruments, fake computers and the tractor-beam of the internet, limited to 50)

The Tenzenmen, Twiceremoved and Brown Snake Kills Dog stuff will be up in the shop very soon, the rest are on their way.

I’m more than happy to hold things for people. In fact, some items have already been held, so please if you want something, let me hold it for you and I’ll email when it lands.

International Shipping back up and running in the bigcartel store

Hey all, just a quick note regards the infernal monolith that is Australia Post. The good news is we are up and running again with international shipping through the bigcartel store. The bad news is their international rates have changed once again, so I’ve had to remove individual shipping rates for each item and have added an International Shipping product in the store that you need to select on top of your purchase (if you’re not getting yr item shipped to an Australian address). You will pay the amount of shipping that listed with each item you buy + the International Shipping option in order to get yr item sent.

This may end up seeming like a lot of money, and if you buy multiple LPs, it WILL be a lot of money. HOWEVER, whatever you pay over and above what Australia Post will charge to ship yr item(s), WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU. That is The Archipelago Rises shipping promise. The MAXIMUM shipping any buyer will pay when buying stuff at The Archipelago Rises will be the EXACT postage charge Australia Post charges me to send the item(s).

You can read more about it here:
There is a SHIPPING category in the Label section which has both international shipping options:

REMEMBER, the maximum you will ever pay for shipping through The Archipelago Rises is the exact cost Australia Post charges to send the item.

And, after we make all the calculations, and yr still unhappy with the shipping cost, I will only be too happy to refund your total order before it gets sent out.

New stuff in the shop

Arktika – Heartwrencher 12″
Caspian – Waking Season DLP
Dead Dragon Mountain – Huddled Masses Under the Burning Sky tape
Jagernaut / Terlarang 7″
Muse – The 2nd Law DLP
Number None – Strategies Against Agriculture tape
Persistence in Mourning – Absent God / Sleeping Giant tape
Persistence in Mourning – God is Not Here CD
Snapline – Future Eyes CD
Snapline – Phenomena CD
Sutcliffe Jugend – Blue Rabbit CD
Torturing Nurse / Automating – Split tape
Vomir – Processing the Wall tape
X is Y – Never Sever + LP 2CD

Another batch of new arrivals from Twice Removed and Runningonair

Some new ambient/drone/experimental stuff to sink yr ears into!

2 new releases from TWICE REMOVED RECORDS

Berber Ox – Limiter CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Sima Kim – Songs CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

4 new releases from RUNNING ON AIR

‘Whilst Runningonair Music is not genre specific when it comes to releases, a common thread of science, mathematics and technology, as it relates to the every day, has emerged.  These themes are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

When referencing external material Runningonair Music favours the present.  Many other excellent labels concern themselves with the past both in material and technology.  Therefore a relevant question might be what defines the time in terms of sound?’

Regolith – And… CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Joe Evans – Ecliptic Plane CD+DVD, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Daniel W J Mackenzie – Return Written Arrange CD, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Suborno – The Instrument LP, in an edition of 200.

Click the pic for info and to buy

June 2012 – Twice Removed, Witch Sermon, TARDLS002, Denovali, Psychic Assault distro stuff,


We are now privileged to announce the impending arrival of TARDLS002. TARDLS001 is almost completely out, so the second installment will be with us in no time. Contributing a most wonderful little track is the one and only Gustav Franklin. ‘Other Other’ will soon be going out with orders. Everyone who purchases a new item from The Archipelago Rises will get a one-time-use only download of this track, presented on a collectable laminated card. There’ll be 30 of these individually numbered cards and once they’ve all been given out, they’ll be gone. The track will be available to stream at but will only be available for download via the cards.

There may be a few folks waiting on TARDLS002 to come into full-effect, so another email/blog update will be sent out as soon as it’s up and running.

So, let’s read up on some re-stocks that may wet some appetites!


The Archipelago Rises is pleased and honoured to now be stocking Twice Removed Records releases. Twice Removed is a micro-label based in Perth, Western Australia and they release albums from artists they like, regardless of genre. Sounds like a label after my own heart! The first bank of releases we have are:

Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles?

Gorgeous package, #’d hand stamped release in recycled hand-stitched and stickered sleeve. Ambient, electro-acoustic beauty.

Ryonkt – Troposhpere

Thick, processed guitar drones.

K Wilson – Otherworld

Sold out at source. Limited copies available here. Beautiful electro-acoustic sounds, slightly manipulated.

Ourobonic Plague – Post-Human Possibilities

A cyborg going insane. That’s where I’m at, listening to this.

These Ship Wrecks – Raw Powerless

Mastered by James Plotkin. Very few left at source, limited stocks here. Raw, unmetered experimental post-rock. Wonderful stuff.


Our most recent batch of Witch Sermon stuff sold out instantly. Better get in quick before these get gone too.

Uzala – Uzala cassette (with bonus track not found on LP, individually numbered of 111)

Aarni / Persistence in Mourning – Split CD

Persistence in Mourning – Drink the Wine, The Missionaries are Coming 3″ CDr (self released)

zz – Solar Grey CDr (Abandonment Records)

Winters in Osaka / Fossils – Celestial Hieroglyphs split LP (Cardinal Records)

Winters in Osaka / Hodr – Split cassette (Fusty C*nt Records)

WiO sample:

Hodr sample:


Some very cool punker fun from Rustic, in the form of their latest CD ‘City of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror’.


We’ve got a few very sweet items in from Denovali. Hot out of the post office box and into the shop are Aun’s heavy drone masterpiece ‘VII’ and their ‘Black Pyramid’ release, as well as Selaxon Lutberg’s crazed field recordings soundscapey Euro-dark-ambient-drone thing ‘Cold House of Love’:

You can listen to samples at


We’ve received some awesome jams from Psychic Assault. We’re helping them out, in our own little way.

Fell Voices – Untitled (Gilead Media)

Lycus – MMXI (Flenser)

Uzala – Uzala (At War With False Noise)


A couple of tapes in from the label where Locrian reside.

Cedars of Lebanon – Archive II

Serville Sect – Demos 2005/2006

Hope you folks find some nice stuff to listen to!

Till next time,

Justin in The Archipelago

May 2012: Bell Witch, Witch Sermon, TARDLS, 2nd hand

How do all? It’s been a while I know since updating the blog, so we’ll try and get everything up to speed here. I do intend to make much more regular updates in future. Outside The Archipelago, it’s been busy here recently….


Our most recent arrival is the 12″ Bell Witch release from Psychic Assault ‘Demo 2011’. Beautifully presented tip-on vinyl with gloss and matte black sleeve and insert. This is the blurb from the label:

“Like smoking blunts with Edgar Allan Poe.”

I think that pretty much sums it up, but I’ll also tell you that these guys are a two piece doom outfit from Seattle. The demo comprises four tracks; building slowly from haunting intro to equally crawling, doomed incantation. Riffs. God I can’t believe I just said ‘riffs’. But totally, man, the RIFFS. And the vocals, at times rising chant-like, moving from high keening cry to a shriek at a pace so glacial it’s hard to even notice. No, no it’s not even so simple – slow, creeping, at times beautiful, funeral doom. Ritualistic? yea sure, chances are you’ll end up killed. or pregnant. The point is: let it fucking haunt you. on vinyl. specifically.


Got a few re-stocks and new things in from Witch Sermon. These are selling very fast at the moment, so don’t expect them to hang around. What we have is doom. Doom doom doom.

Rigor Sardonicous – Vivescere Exitium (Live in New York) is the first cab off the rank. This tape is fully eviscerating from one of the bleakest, most harrowing bands to ever rise from the nether.

From the label: “A live recording from one of the longest running extreme doom bands in history (formed in 1988!) pressed to pro tape.  Set list contains tracks from throughout their career (as well as a couple of surprises).” Get a taste of the horror here:

RL:ZZ – Esotericists cassette

These are running oh so very low. On a worldwide basis, yr looking at single figures of availability, so if yr sitting on the fence, you’d better get off it and get buying. A phenomenal occult ambient drone release from one of my new favourite acts. RL:ZZ are in full-fledged band mode, with the follow on from this release ‘Fertility and War’ being sold out here already and new release ‘Shrine’ about to hit.

Esotericists blurb from Witch Sermon: “First release from ambient/noise duo comprised of members of Unearthly Trance and Persistence in Mourning.  Edition of 81 hand numbered copies with inserts.”

To wet yr appetite for Shrine, have a listen to the first track ‘Deception’ here:

The rest of our Witch Sermon restocks sold out instantly. We will do our best to get some more across the pond, but these are usually very limited runs anyways.

We’re getting close to the end of availability of TARDLS001. Seems like folks are into the idea! J We have a few more codes available then it’ll be onto TARDLS002. A big thanks to those that have shown express interest in the series. We hope that those that have received these in their purchases and weren’t expecting them have been pleasantly surprised with their little extra.

2nd hand stuff has been added to the discogs page. Some pretty neat bargains here. 2nd hand items are not eligible for TARDLS downloads though. Sorry about that. Although, if you buy a new release as well, yr’ll be sorted!

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series.

Contributing artists and/or labels will provide a track that will be exclusive to The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series (TARDLS). This track will not be released anywhere else. The tracks’ purpose is two-fold; it’s a thanks for all those that purchase something from The Archipelago Rises, supporting The Rises, the band and the label for the release they’ve purchased; and it provides an additional promotional tool for artists and/or labels that contribute to the series.

The track is completely free. At this stage, it will be limited to thirty ‘pieces’ and be provided on a nice, laminated, collectible card, which will be individually numbered. Everyone that buys something from The Archipelago Rises will get one of these cards until the thirty ‘pieces’ have been given out. Once the thirty ‘pieces’ are gone, the next installment of the series will be released. These ‘pieces’ will have a one-time-only-use download code listed on them, which gets you the track.

Befitting of the collectible nature of the series, I will be hand-making some wooden boxes to store the cards in. These will be made to order and, barring inconceivable high demand, will be limited to ten. More details will follow about the boxes shortly.

The first artist to be forever immortalized in this series is ‘zz’. zz has compiled a dark ambient/drone piece, which has been cut, spliced, re-jigged, re-sorted from its parent music previously released on ‘Pig II’ . Whilst one can stream the track on zz’s bandcamp (, the only place to own the track is through TARDLS.

Everyone who buys anything from The Archipelago Rises gets one of these cards. They are limited to one card, per series, per buyer.