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Heaps of new stuff from Mylene Sheath, Twice Removed, Spectral Haze, The Cosmic Dead….!

New stuff….


Spectral Haze – I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains LP (one copy left available to reserve. They are on their way, not in hand yet) $23


Aeges – Above and Down Below LP (trans green with gold splatter vinyl /100, one left) $29; CD (one left) $14


Minot – Equal / Opposite LP (all variants available, ltd qtys) $29; CD $14


Jacob – Sines LP (one one copy left available to reserve. Black vinyl. They are on pre-order from the label, not in hand yet) $42


A whole array of Twice Removed Records releases. Drone/ambient/experimental CDs. Bulk deal – $45 for any 5 releases posted to Australia, $50 world


The Cosmic Dead / Guardian Alien – Split LP $34


Hobbledehoy presses of Caspian – Waking Season $34, This Will Destroy You – Another Language $34 and Arrows – Modern Art and Politics $32


In Zaire – White Sun Black Sun LP repress (one left) $26


Recent arrivals…


Essence Music CD releases from Expo 70, Up-Tight and Nadja

Sunfighter tapes from Bookmaker Records

Dave Cintron related (Myra Gale – self released; No On – Lighten Up Sounds released)

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – All to Pieces 12″

Cosmic Dead CDs from Paradigms Recordings


New stuff from Sound of Cobra, David Cintron and Bookmaker Records!

A few new things in stock.

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – All to Pieces 12″ from Sound of Cobra $25
In Zaire – White Sun Black Sun LP repress from Sound of Cobra $26
Sunfighter – Golden Eagle of Illumination cassette from Bookmaker Records (limited to 30) $10
Myra Gale – Égiga Goramen CD from Biological Records (limited to 12) $12.50
David Cintron – No On CD from Lighten Up Sounds $12.50
Reserves being taken for the Australian press (/500) of This Will Destroy You – Another Language LP from Hobbledehoy Records $34

Sounds to be found in each listing

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Hey all, just a quick note regards the infernal monolith that is Australia Post. The good news is we are up and running again with international shipping through the bigcartel store. The bad news is their international rates have changed once again, so I’ve had to remove individual shipping rates for each item and have added an International Shipping product in the store that you need to select on top of your purchase (if you’re not getting yr item shipped to an Australian address). You will pay the amount of shipping that listed with each item you buy + the International Shipping option in order to get yr item sent.

This may end up seeming like a lot of money, and if you buy multiple LPs, it WILL be a lot of money. HOWEVER, whatever you pay over and above what Australia Post will charge to ship yr item(s), WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU. That is The Archipelago Rises shipping promise. The MAXIMUM shipping any buyer will pay when buying stuff at The Archipelago Rises will be the EXACT postage charge Australia Post charges me to send the item(s).

You can read more about it here:
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And, after we make all the calculations, and yr still unhappy with the shipping cost, I will only be too happy to refund your total order before it gets sent out.

August News in The Archipelago

Hey there folks. Thanks for checking out the August ’11 edition of The Archipelago Rises newsletter!

Your support is hugely appreciated!

 In Mylene Sheath news, the absolutely PHENOMENAL new album from Beware of Safety entitled ‘Leaves/Scars’ is available for preorder. CD, LP, digital. However you want it, the Sheath have got it. If you’re undecided, JUST GO HERE AND GET ENLIGHTENMENT!

 There’s been some issues with the pressing of the Actors & Actresses album ‘We Love Our Enemy’. Hopefully, these issues will become a thing of the past soon. We’ll let you know asap when conditions improve in A&A land.

 The most limited Beneath Oblivion / Angel Eyes split 7” is sold out, but you can still get it on 2 different colours HERE. There’s only the gold Giants 7” left too. These lil’ vinyl have shot out the door. Don’t resign yourself to the scrap heap and sleep on these. Get on it now or regret forever.

The Archipelago Rises is equally proud, humble and excited to now be stocking Tenzenmen releases. Tenzenmen is a label specializing in Australasian DIY awesomeness. Running the gamut of every possible musical genre, they release spectacular albums from bands spread across Australia, New Zealand, China and South East Asia. Check out their website and get supporting one of the hardest working underground music dudes this side of the Pacific. You can buy some of their releases in The Archipelago HERE.


That affable gentleman, Kevin Greenspon who runs Bridgetown Records has sent a bunch of cool releases our way too. Some beautiful tapes, CDs and a first for Bridgetown, a music DVD for our consumption. Indie DIY pop rock kinda gear. Really great stuff, ultra limited and awesome ‘series’ packaging! Check ‘em out HERE

On a particular crap note regarding Kevin and Bridgetown, whilst on their current tour, their car was broken into and was emptied of all things valuable. They lost some essential gear including a laptop, ipod, chargers as well as some very personal belongings. Whilst the actual tour is going AWESOME, this event just adds that much more pressure to what is already an intense time. The Archipelago will be sending some $$$ Kevin’s way to help out. If any of ya’ll can help out too, paypal to I’m sure he’ll help you out with some gnarly Bridgetown stuff as thanks.




The At War With False Noise order is on its way! EXCELLENTYEAH! Alastair has made great inroads over to the south of Glasgow, and has succeeded in the awesome task of moving his life from under one roof to another. What does that mean for you? FINALLY, those INCREDIBLE head-fuck jams are on their way downunder! We’re expecting releases from Locrian, Gruel, Haare, Vom, Marzuraan to name a few. Click HERE and you’ll be on yr way to some perverse listening pleasure!



I stumbled onto this relatively new label through the Forever Doomed messageboard (btw, highly recommended board for all you folk who like yer music from the darker side of the moon) and bought a copy of each release for my own collection. So impressed am I, The Archipelago Rises is getting some Bookmaker Records gear for the distro. They are a very new label, out of France, and have three artists signed to the roster so far – Henryspenncer, Among the Bones and Seabuckthorn. Think psychedelia rock – Earth, Pink Floyd, Souvenir’s Young America – and you get the picture.




We have placed our order with the glorious duo over at Fedora Corpse. On their way to us is every in-print Fedora vinyl release, including the latest Rat Catching and Comoros LPs. All FC releases are extremely limited with only 100 of each pressed. Expect mind-melting sonic experimentation, right HERE.


 OMEGA MASSIF ‘Geisterstadt’ cassette

Omega Massif’s post-metal-opus ‘Geisterstadt’ has arrived. On our other favourite analog format, there were only 49 of these cassettes printed and they are now sold out at source. Get in quick, right HERE coz these will fly.

We still have some other really choice Maniyax releases in stock. The excellent, crushing Battlefields release Thresholds of Imbalance double LP is still available and I would recommend this to all ‘post-metal’ lovers out there.

 EXPO 70 ‘Night Mist’ cassette

The Expo 70 ‘Night Mist’ cassettes from Nurse Etiquette are now in the shop. These are going quickly so if you know yr Expo 70, you know what to do, HERE

Competition Time!

We have a tour press copy of Herra Terra’s latest rekkid, ‘Quiet Geist’ to give away. Purchase any Mylene Sheath release from The Archipelago Rises and you’ll automatically go in the draw. Draw closes 31st August so you have plenty of time to get your orders in. Please note, you need to purchase a Mylene Sheath item to go into the draw. So if you’ve got some distro items in your cart, be sure to chuck a Sheath release in there too! 😉 Unlimited entries apply.

AUSSIE underground bands and labels

We are woefully short of Aussie content in the store. No, we don’t want yr Whitlams CDs or your Delta Goodrem numbers. We want yr underground music that’s not getting much in the way of airplay (or is unlikely to get any in the first place) on our ‘alternative’ nonsense stations like Triple J and the like.

If you have a CD, LP or cassette out and you play/distribute metal, post-rock, noise, ambient, drone and/or rock we want to hear from you with a view to stocking yr release. We don’t have huge resources (by any means) but whatever we can do to get yr name out there can only be good.

Use the contact form HERE or email direct to with your details.

As with all Archipelago distro items, numbers are extremely limited so I am happy to offer a reserve/hold option for interested parties. Email to with your request and I’ll put it aside for you.

We are still taking suggestions for distro stocking. If you have any particular requests, ideas etc for what we should be selling, lemme know!


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Terminal Lovers – As Eyes Burn Clean

So, here we are at the latest Terminal Lovers release ‘As Eyes Burn Clean’. Teaming up with those nutters over at Public Guilt, who deliver the label nonsense we need to get these things to the outer reaches, the Lovers have released an album featuring their trademark hot rock action, fused with their ever-expanding psyche/noise freakouts.

Recent recordings (Basement Tapes Vol II, Release Valve Rattle to name two) have showcased their headphone-caving drone   workouts, but this full-length, the first since Drama Pit and Loan, returns the Lovers (someway) back to their riff heritage. Whilst the riffs exist, the psychedelia born of those droney releases comes to the fore on Eyes.

Five tracks make up this (currently) vinyl-only release. Side A features Press the Bank, Ion Gate, Shadow Driver and Steve Ashby, however upon listens, the first three tracks meld into one long rock/psych road, traversing riffs, drones and fuzz whilst being held in check by the rock solid rhythm section. Steve Ashby sits by itself as, seemingly, the lone short-fast-loud song on the record.

Side B features a 23-minute epic piece ‘Truth Between Errors’. This song is ‘split’ into three parts, linked together by glorious fuzz extensions. The first ‘part’ is a re-working of ‘Sacred and the Man’, first heard on the limited, now very-hard-to-get 7” of the same name, released by Unfortunate Miracle. Part II features the extended version of the song ‘Truth Between Errors’, which was self-released as a CDr by Dave Cintron on his Biological Recordings label, limited to an insanely low 10 copies only (…I have one…). Part III is a new jam ‘Sunlit Rings’ which closes the album out in the most beautiful ways, giving an undeniable nod to early Stones. Lead breaks fight it out for ascendency over the top of a magma-hot low-end only to dissipate into the ether as you approach climax. F’cking, sex on stereo people.

There are most-certainly Eastern touches to the affair, there’s the impeccable guitar work, there’s the undeniable groove and understated, yet completely hard-as-nails rhythm section and most notably, the stoned-if–you-like-it vibe from some of the most talented twenty-first century psychedelia players going around the traps.

Recommended. Now. Get it.

All current Lovers releases are available at Buy any Lovers release and you’ll be sent a free copy of Dimbulb’s full-length album, Trip Hammers – Mr Cintron’s early noise/rock/punk incarnation.

Terminal Lovers – Drama Pit and Loan

After a short break, we’re back promoting the ever-diverse and ever-whacking-of-ears world of Dave Cintron. Today, we look at the seminal Terminal Lovers release, Drama Pit and Loan. Compiling material from two earlier EPs, ‘Drama Pit’ and ‘Loan’, this complete record definitely does not sound like two EPs slapped together. It is a fully coherent, directed attack of sound, psyche and bliss to the listeners ear. This album was the first thing I heard of TL and it hooked me instantly. Some six odd years since I first heard it, it still gets regular spins on my stereo, which is more than I can say for much more illustrious bands’ releases in my collection.

I can’t recommend this album enough. Six years after its release, it still sounds fresh and is some of the most innovative rock and roll you’ve never heard. Get out there and buy one goddamn it!

The CD and LP versions are slightly different with each one bearing one track not found on the other. CD has a bonus video of ‘Mr Astronaut Glenn’ which can also be found on the Destroysall compilation.


Drama Pit and Loan

Drama Pit and Loan LP


Terminal Lovers – Basement Tapes Vol II

Terminal Lovers - Basement Tapes Vol II

Terminal Lovers - Basement Tapes Vol II

Released by Angel’s Blood Records, Basement Tapes Vol II consists of one track, Sodden Wheels in a Supper club, split into two 17 minute long pieces. A very limited CDr release, once these are gone, they will be impossible to find.

This release features the dronier (is that a word…) side of Cintron’s musical directions. Beginning with a slow building drone / psyche, part 1 morphs into a driving rock-out explosion. Part 2 is a more tempered affair, in Expo 70 fashion, layering noises and electronic sounds over the top of a droning rhythm.

Highly recommended for those that enjoy a midnight sojourn into headphone bliss (to steal a line from Mr Wright himself – sorry about that mate! :D)

“Retrieved and re-edited from various recording sessions/jams, “Basement Tapes Volume 2” recently released by Terminal Lovers, contains just one long piece (split into two parts), The music spending the first ten minutes as a spacey drone before the band take over, a rolling wall of guitar riffery, fired up by the solid rhythm section behind. With some fiery guitar work to be had “Sodden Wheels in a Supper Club pt1 “is a lot of fun at high volume, with part 2 becoming seriously psychedelic as it moves through time, echo boxes set to kill, with some free drumming and a mean guitar giving everything a chaotic edge. Volume is everything for this one, well worth irritating the neighbours for. ”
-Ptolemaic Terrascope, March 21, 2009


Earlier Cintron-related posts

– Funambulist

Dave Cintron

Gravity for No One (© 2010 David Cintron)

The next few blogs are being dedicated to one of my favourite guitarists and songwriters, Dave Cintron. Hailing from the deepest, darkest depths of Cleveland, Ohio, Cintron quickly turned a few heads and destroyed eardrums with the noise/punk/rock outfit Dimbulb. A slew of 7″ releases and a full-length entitled Trip Hammers ensured Dimbulb had some product for the masses but the band didn’t stick around for too long. Whilst this may have deterred many aspiring musos, all it did for Cintron was enable him to spread his wings and seek out new musical voyages.

Whilst now basing his main writing output to the criminally underrated Terminal Lovers, Cintron lends a hand, a vocal, a guitar, a bass and whatever else makes a fucking noise to many splendid releases – all that shall be given a little spotlight on this blog. He is also an accomplished artist, sculptor and painter. Never one to stick to a single notion, releases that Cintron has contributed to range from drone to psyche rock to free jazz noize to alt.indie to installation pieces to blues based spoken word works and everything & anything in between.


The first release we’ll look at today is Funambulist, released by Prestidigitation Records. This is one of the more recent releases Dave has contributed to. He has joined forces with a bunch of musos that he works with regularly including a certain Scott Pickering. The main focus of this record is the spoken word vocal performance of Dan McGuire. He does sound a bit like Henry Rollins and the subject matter at hand is certainly in the same ball-park emotionally and visceral as some of Hank’s best works. The very first track, The Bride, sets the tone for the entire record. A nice blues based riff sets the backdrop for a scene in a prison cell.

The main failings for spoken word performances is the tendency for the monotone vocal tone to ‘repeat’ itself over the course of the record, causing the listener to stray away from the stories. If the listener was not in the mood for this record, this may well occur so whilst Funambulist is not something you would have on looped repeat, when you want the kick, it is certainly a big kick in the proverbial teeth when it fires up. – (The Bride is available here for a free listen)