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Blue Tapes, La Piramide di Sangue, Sound of Cobra, Twice Removed Records and more Carsick Cars!

The Archipelago Rises is very pleased and honoured to be stocking the latest 2 releases from Blue Tapes. We have been fervent supporters of the UK-based Blue Tapes label since their inception with Matt Collin’s sublime release The Grin Without The Cat or The Cat Without An Outline (blue one). With Blue Tapes releases, you get a fully immersive audio and visual experience, captured within the ‘archaic’ analog joy of cassette. To be sure, every release comes with a download code so you can listen to the glorious wonders within on whichever medium you choose. The art and music co-exist in perfect unity, delicately and painstakingly compiled by Blue Tapes into a sinuous whole.

Tashi Dorji

Blue Tapes has this to say about Tashi Dorji:

‘It doesn’t sound like a guitar. It sounds less like an instrument, in fact, than many voices – swooping and surrounding the listener. Whispering lovely nonsense-poetry in one ear while its shadow quietly circles you and then shouts abominations in the other ear. Except it is a guitar. One guitar. All recorded live, improvised, with no edits or overdubs.

What’s more, this is Tashi Dorji’s first ever electric guitar release. His previous cassettes and download albums have stoked up feverish praise from fans. In a recent interview feature on Tashi in The Wire, Ben Chasny was so impressed with Tashi’s gorgeous acoustic improvisations that he formed a label – Hermit Hut – specifically to put out Tashi’s music.

Ben Chasny – one of the greatest guitarists of the 21st Century!

And it didn’t end there, guitar shamans from Sir Richard Bishop to Bill Orcutt have been lining up to pay their respects. As to how well Tashi makes the transition from acoustic to electric – it sort of simultaneously sounds nothing and everything like his previous releases. Which means it is EXCITING. It’s no less communicative than that minimal coding of acoustic guitar data, but the sound now shimmers and flutters and fades in and out and crashes in tones of pure gold. It could be the best thing this guitarist – already one of the very best of his generation – has recorded so far.’


Plains Druid

..and what they say about Plains Druid:

‘blue eleven is more than two hours of sound on one bursting-at-the-seams cassette. It is the natural sequel to blue eight: Katie Gately in that we had no agenda for it other than to drown in it.

blue eleven, by synth mage Plains Druid, is the most immersive music we have released so far. In truth it’s not even so much “music” as sustained aural narcotic – you can dip in and out of the two sides much as you may dip in and out of consciousness. It sounds REALLY good on headphones as you’re falling asleep – the odd beat or squirming-in-the-red flare of synth-distortion snagging a hook into your dreams and suddenly jerking you up through several layers of subconscious. When it does that, the hallucinations get super great. “Super Real Islands” is Plains Druid’s title for this release. If the four compositions that make up this release are islands, then they’re under several leagues of not-water. They have the ability to rise and lower themselves at will and are mostly sentient aqueous flora.It’s swarming with sonic detail, so much of which is flittering and swooshing around the peripheral vision of your 3rd eye that trying to track each movement becomes irrelevant. Instead, just plug yourself into this ecosystem and hit the mute button on your thinking brain.’

You can check these and the other Blue Tapes release we have in stock (LostPoet) here –


La Piramide di Sangue ‘Sette’ LP



From Sound of Cobra:

LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE – “The bloody pyramid” – is a seven musician ensemble from Torino, Italy. The sound of the band is built on two guitars, two basses, one clarinet, one synth, several effects, drums and percussions.

There’s a rich history in psychedelic music, and we all know it. The best trip is always the one yet to be embarked upon. And each trip is different from the one before. You can’t jump into the same lysergic river twice. Don’t even try. Instead, prepare to be washed away by the sonic waves of „Sette“ – a sunbaked stoner trip for both the funky freshman and the psychedelic veteran.

The latter may find traces of Santana’s „Caravanserai“ or Embryo’s „Reise“ when listening – as well as some strong Spiritual Jazz vibes, resembling the Phill Musra Group and the likes. It’s all there and much more.

Torino is a city crammed with dark apartment buildings. Layers of smog is hovering above and below the skyline, and people’s life stories accumulate like filth along the sidewalk edges. Misery and a sense of abandonment is the feel of Torino. But from the ashes, there is also rebirth. It comes in waves.
From aged peeling buildings, laundry and more lives are hung. Fumes rise up from basements. Everywhere people are smoking,
Living in Torino is like being in a film that makes the lungs impermeable. People smoke and drink. Less often, they eat. Always hanging out.

“Sette” seems to sound like that. Dirty and volatile. Like a gas. The album possesses the nobility of dilapidated buildings and their toothless allure. It shares with Torino the subversive power of a family-like union among musicians, semi-musicians and friends that have contributed in so many different ways to this project. It’s not immobile. It throbs by day and coughs at night.
LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE returns to Porta Palazzo, the square in Torino, and the black centre of a city whose grip, as if in a torture scene, they cannot break free from.

Torino’s mixed-blood parents have all traveled the road that stretches from North Africa up through Reggio Calabria in the south of Italy. Those guys at Porta Palazzo market know it all too well, they’re the proof of what really happened. Layer upon layer, generations of refugees and exiles accumulated. They are the true spirit of this nurturing city that did not refuse them. Every hole, every attic, every space was taken up. LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE has mixed blood too. And the seven instruments combined serves as,a symbol of alchemical transmutation. In much the same way, this record becomes a nocturnal road movie through neighbourhoods redrawn by time, dragging the listener further and further south of heaven. It speaks no language and may even be a hallucination: After all, “Sette” does not only mean the number “seven” in Italian, but also “cults”.


Snoqualmie Falls



From Twice Removed Records:

Snoqualmie Falls are Jeff Stonehouse and Alicia Merz. Jeff is based near the South Downs in West Sussex, UK while Alicia is from the Waikato lowlands surrounding Hamilton, New Zealand. Jeff has released solo material under the name ‘Listening Mirror’ on various labels, in different parts of the world including Hibernate (UK), Cooper Cult (NZ), Twice Removed (AUS) and Dronarivm (RUS), as well as a few self-released albums. Alicia records solo material under the name ‘birds of passage’ and has released 3 albums on the Denovali label in Germany. She has also worked with The Dale Cooper Quartet and Aidan Baker.

Snoqualmie Falls was formed two years ago when Jeff and Alicia discovered each other’s music by chance, and contacted each other to see if a collaboration was possible. The music is a combination of Jeff’s treated guitar drones and field recordings and Alicia’s ethereal and haunting whispered vocals. Their first EP ‘Red Fire Dark’ received excellent reviews:-

“Reverb-drenched swirls imbue the title track with a dream-like aura as blurry washes and Merz’s haunting whisper emerge from the music’s mists. The material’s slow-motion unfurl envelops the listener, drawing him/her helplessly into its seductive realm via the music’s incantatory power” Textura

“…it creates such wonderful soundscapes. Rich in melody and mood the two songs feel far longer than their unfortunately brief running times would suggest. Gradually moving they seem to span out into eternity continuing in an absolute bliss. Vocals add additional layers of humanity into the mix softly half-spoken and sung. “ – Beach Sloth

Their first full length album – ‘Dream Sequence’ – envisages an hour long journey through the soundscape of the dream world in which Jeff and Alicia, although physically separated by thousands of miles, meet to share their secrets and write their songs. “Close your eyes and imagine a walk through an ancient forest, the wind stirring the high branches, pine needles under your feet, A cabin. A sad girl sings a beautiful song, whilst her companion idly picks at his homemade guitar. We are Snoqualmie Falls, and this is the soundtrack to our dream life. Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air.”

A second, more conventional, song based album is currently in its early stages.


Carsick Cars and Flavor Crystals!


Carsick Cars and Flavor Crystals

From Tenzenmen:

A Tale of Two Threes

After an auspicious run of activity, including two critically lauded albums on venerable indie Maybe Mars, sharing bills about the globe with alt-godfathers, Sonic Youth and slots at All Tomorrow’s Parties and Primavera Sound, Beijing indie-noise wunderkinds, Carsick Cars slipped into a well-deserved, five year, auricular hibernation of sorts, only to return in dramatic fashion this spring with a new rhythm section and 3, their most fully realized long player, to date. Yoko, a revved-up outtake from the Hamish Kilgour/ Pete Kember (a.k.a. Sonic Boom) produced sessions which spawned 3, marks a distinctive, stylistic departure for the band, who momentarily dial down the noise in favor of driving repetition, clean, Figurines-esque vocals and an anthemic, balls-to-the-wall resolve that unexpectedly launches the track into the stratosphere upon its incessantly rhythmic conclusion – an unequivocal, left-field indie-pop gem of a tune, if there ever was one!

On the flip side, Minneapolis psych-rock vets, Flavor Crystals, offer up Mirror in My Mind, a drone smeared, carefully considered, morotik ripper that mines the depths of exploratory shoegaze with aplomb, not unlike an auditory visage of one of Frederik van Eeden’s exercises in lucid dreaming. The band’s most recent full length release, a triple LP psych monster, coincidentally titled Three [Mpls. Ltd.], may well be one of the more criminally overlooked wax platters of the past couple years – self-engineered and produced by the band following a lengthy US tour in support of like-minded sonic sojourners, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Three captures Flavor Crystals in a vulnerable, metacognitive state and the results are nothing short of staggering!



A heap of new releases in stock

For those following this blog, I have been real slack recently and haven’t updated this for a little while. So here are all the new releases we’ve got in store since the last blog post.

Art of Burning Water – Love You Dead LP (Superfi Records)-

Art of Burning Water – This Disgrace LP (Superfi Records) –

Atomic Cries – Suspended Between The Mouth of God and the Fist of Man 7″ (Svart Records) –

Brown Snake Kills Dog – Thicker Fog CDr (self released) –

Daighila / Grinding Halt – Split 7″ (tenzenmen) –

El Eje Del Mal / Inquiry Last Scenery – Split 7″ (tenzenmen) –

Fan Zui Xiang Fa – Self Titled 7″ (tenzenmen) –

fun – 1/3 7″ (tenzenmen) –

The Gar – City of Burning Identities (tenzenmen) –

Good Throb – Good Throb 7″ (Superfi Records) –

Hark – Mythopoeia 7″ (Superfi Records) –

Henryspenncer – Saturn CD (Bookmaker Records) –

Keller – Keller tape (Blue Tapes) –

Kosmonaut – Green tape (Avant Archive) –

LostPoet – Acapellas 4 The Culture tape (Blue Tapes) –

Nick van Breda / zzzounds – Split  7″ (tenzenmen) –

Oliwa – Naturalia CD (Twiceremoved) –

Oscillotron – Eclipse LP and CD (Cineploit) –

RL:ZZ – Phantom Silence CD (Witch Sermon Productions) –

Skip Skip Ben Ben – Sacrifice Mountain Hills CD (tenzenmen) –

Various – Silent Death CD (Metal Zone Distro) –

We Lost The Sea – The Quietest Place on Earth 2LP (Birds Robe Collective). Marble blue and black vinyl available –

Winters in Osaka – Heptagon tape (Midnight Sea Records) –

Zoltan – First Stage: Zoltan LP (Cineploit) –

Appalache – Sourire, Debacle Records, Beta-Lactum Ring

We’ve got some nice experimental releases in from Debacle Records

We’ve also got the brand new Bookmaker Records CD release, Sourire by Appalache. Check it out here:

Linear Bells has a new cassette, ‘///’, limited to only 30 in the world and we’ve got a couple for you

New fuzz-rock from Tenzenmen

Some nice Beta-Lactum Ring releases as well

I’ve spent the past night going through the bigcartel shop, adding samples to listings or at least, linx to samples. Now you should be able to have a quick listen to everything we’ve got for sale. We’ve also simplified the shipping process. Everything is now available in the store for everyone in the world to buy and international orders will receive a Paypal Payment Request for the remainder of the shipping monies required to ship the order.

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series no. 3 (TARDLS003) is shipping with all orders.

TARDLS003, Witch Sermon, Twiceremoved, Gustav Franklin and more

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series number three is up and running. We’ve got a noise rock number from Winters In Osaka, short but sweet. It’s a pretty cool thing, and shows a divergent side to WiO’s usual noisier-side-of-the-spectrum output.

Limited to 40, this goes out with every order of a new item from The Archipelago Rises.

Righty then, we’ve got some new stuff winging its way down here. As always, very limited stocks:

Anonymeye – Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar 3″CDr (Twiceremoved, limited to 150)
Linear Bells – Esther (Twiceremoved, limited to 100)
Gustav Franklin and Anna Kinbom – MARS500 CDr (self-released, limited to 20)
Plankton Wat – Mirror Lake LP (Sound of Cobra, limited to 300)
RL:ZZ – Shrine cassette (Unrest, limited to 120)
RL:ZZ – Fragment cassette (Phage Tapes, limited to 100)
Winters in Osaka – Last Days cassette (self released, compilation-type release)
Winters in Osaka – Further Beyond CDr (self released, compilation-type release)
Various – Seance dbl cassette (Worthless Recordings, limited to 100, check the mental here:
Astro/Winters in Osaka – Reverberating Forest CD (Phage Tapes/Dismantle Records, limited to 500)
Quiet Steps – Secular CD (Tenzenmen)
Birdstriking – Birdstriking CD (Tenzenmen)
White – White+ CD (Tenzenmen)
Mr. Graceless – The Tree Ever Green CD (Tenzenmen)
Brown Snake Kills Dog – Others See What We Are Blind To CD and cassette (album constructed by Andy Lippoldt (Witch Sermon, ZZ, Persistence in Mourning, Winters in Osaka, RL:ZZ) and myself, utilising real instruments, fake computers and the tractor-beam of the internet, limited to 50)

The Tenzenmen, Twiceremoved and Brown Snake Kills Dog stuff will be up in the shop very soon, the rest are on their way.

I’m more than happy to hold things for people. In fact, some items have already been held, so please if you want something, let me hold it for you and I’ll email when it lands.

International Shipping back up and running in the bigcartel store

Hey all, just a quick note regards the infernal monolith that is Australia Post. The good news is we are up and running again with international shipping through the bigcartel store. The bad news is their international rates have changed once again, so I’ve had to remove individual shipping rates for each item and have added an International Shipping product in the store that you need to select on top of your purchase (if you’re not getting yr item shipped to an Australian address). You will pay the amount of shipping that listed with each item you buy + the International Shipping option in order to get yr item sent.

This may end up seeming like a lot of money, and if you buy multiple LPs, it WILL be a lot of money. HOWEVER, whatever you pay over and above what Australia Post will charge to ship yr item(s), WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU. That is The Archipelago Rises shipping promise. The MAXIMUM shipping any buyer will pay when buying stuff at The Archipelago Rises will be the EXACT postage charge Australia Post charges me to send the item(s).

You can read more about it here:
There is a SHIPPING category in the Label section which has both international shipping options:

REMEMBER, the maximum you will ever pay for shipping through The Archipelago Rises is the exact cost Australia Post charges to send the item.

And, after we make all the calculations, and yr still unhappy with the shipping cost, I will only be too happy to refund your total order before it gets sent out.

New stuff in the shop

Arktika – Heartwrencher 12″
Caspian – Waking Season DLP
Dead Dragon Mountain – Huddled Masses Under the Burning Sky tape
Jagernaut / Terlarang 7″
Muse – The 2nd Law DLP
Number None – Strategies Against Agriculture tape
Persistence in Mourning – Absent God / Sleeping Giant tape
Persistence in Mourning – God is Not Here CD
Snapline – Future Eyes CD
Snapline – Phenomena CD
Sutcliffe Jugend – Blue Rabbit CD
Torturing Nurse / Automating – Split tape
Vomir – Processing the Wall tape
X is Y – Never Sever + LP 2CD

August News! ………Twice Removed Records, Tenzenmen

’bout time we had an update, yeah??!!

it has been a pretty quiet month or so here in The Archipelago Rises, however we have a nice bunch of new things for you to immerse yourselves in.

And, in case you didn’t know, the second installment of The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series is now shipping with all orders of new items.


Fescal – Moods and Views

Moods & Views is the name of Fescal’s latest installment, which comes as a joint release by Fescal and Twice Removed Records in Australia (Perth). Each album has been fashioned and tailored by Fescal, and manufactured by hand using traditional Korean paper, Chinese string, handmade flowers coloured: red, purple, white and yellow. All flowers are fixed onto two green leaves made out of a local synthetic textile. To add to the uniqueness of the product, each unit comes with two special landscape portraits printed onto gold leaf paper, an album introduction, a personal note from Fescal about the album.

This is an extremely beautiful release, each one carefully constructed both physically and musically. There are only 50 of these in existence and they are flying out the door. Grab this immaculate piece of art now or forever be disappointed.

Click the pic below to buy

Tim Bass – I Have Become Overcome With Thoughts of You

Here’s an in-depth review of the release which highlights the real beauty contained within:

It would be naive to add anything to the above review, except that I can agree on almost all points. The album is inherently warm, lush (without the bombast), gorgeously enveloping and like all good ‘drone/ambient’ music, it demands and succeeds in retaining your attention for the duration of the release. Visions in my mind of beaches, of loneliness for a beautiful day, heart breaking and mending all at the same time.

This melts your heart and yearns for your love.

Click the pic below to buy:

Bengalfuel – Roeblin

Bengalfuel is the work of Lou DiBenedetto and Joe LiTrenta, two friends who grew up together in New Jersey. Each has produced music separately for years; Lou as Dentist, and Joe under the moniker, Doc Deem. At the end of 2009, they created Bengalfuel: a collaborative project combining elements of both of their musical styles. Since, they have put out numerous releases including ‘Durban’ on Polish netlabel Isolationism, an EP on Rural Colours called ‘Feldspar’ and ‘Oneida’ for Lizard Breakfast Recordings. ” Download includes download only track “Cells” not on the cd-r, while cd-r includes “Dreamcatcher” not included in download. The latest release from this amazing US duo.

Click the pic below to buy:

Cycle~440 – Cartography of Shifting Planes

Check a review out here:

Think of your favourite book. Remember however much that you needed to, you just couldn’t stop turning the pages. It draws you into its world and doesn’t let you leave until you’ve exhausted yourself. This album reminds me of my favourite book. It is a fully immersive release, there is no track-by-track listening regime; the only way you  can listen to this is from start to finish, allowing it to pour through your ears and into your nether.

It combines so many elements of the experimental music frontier that limiting it to a ‘genre’ would be disaster. But a mess of ideas it is not. Cycle~440 have created a release that is driven, has purpose, yet takes the listener on a head trip. Take it as read, if you are reading this blog, you’ll want to be hearing this release.

Please, have a listen below. It deserves your ears.

Click the pic below to buy:

Craig McElhinney – Sore Loser

Here’s a nice review of this piece:

Click the pic below to buy:

Other Twice Removed releases still available in The Archipelago Rises:

K Wilson – Otherworld CDr /100

Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles /100

Ourobonic Plague – Post-Human Possibilities /100

Ryonkt – Troposhpere /100 (only a few of these left)

These Ship Wrecks – Raw Powerless /100


A bunch of new releases have arrived from the ever-reliable Tenzenmen. Check it:

Duck Fight Goose – Sports

Sports is the first full-length from widely touted Shanghai artists Duck Fight Goose, fresh from their invite to SXSW and History 7” release earlier this year. The eleven-track album combines elements of ambient post-rock and math-rock, with heavily textured songs that build layers upon layers before blooming into complex psychedelic mosaics. Sports represents a creative leap from Duck Fight Goose’s first release, the straightforward math-rock EP, Flow, and has been roundly acclaimed in the Chinese press as one of the best albums of 2012.
Click the pic below to buy

Boyz & Girl – Self Titled

This four-piece shoegaze outfit quickly raced to the forefront of Taipei’s fast growing independent music scene- and for good reason. The completion of their warmly received eponymous freshman album has cemented their place in the hearts of an ever-growing fan base. Though Shoegaze is hardly a new phenomenon, Boyz & Girl has found a contemporary home in the genre, due largely in part to their fresh sounds and mature songwriting. The raucous yet dreamy guitars of Jon, pieced masterfully with Sonoko’s artistic drumming and Guo Guo’s steady basslines, creates an impeccable balance with the juvenile youth and innocence discovered through BenBen’s vocals.

Click the pic below to buy:

Low Wormwood – Lanzhou Lanzhou

The cliché goes that some geographical areas are synonymous with certain sounds: Merseybeat from Liverpool, for example, or grunge from Seattle. But it’s also the case that certain bands define their locales. Here, one tends to think of such acts as Arcade Fire, who did just that for Montreal with Funeral and The Suburbs. Such is the case with Low Wormwood, whose latest album, Lanzhou Lanzhou (their second licensed to tenzenmen) is perhaps a defining moment for both the band and the city of the title. Unlike many bands from Lanzhou, this quartet don’t practise harmony- driven guitar folk. The metrics of this album depart from their early grunge and shoot for a less fiery but more coherent structure, coupling string-soaked flourishes of folk-rock with mundane lyrics about day-to-day living in Lanzhou. It borders on being a concept album, but the catchy rhythms manage to dilute the anthropological solemnity and make this something special. ‘Recording this album is almost like being in a relationship,’ explains lead singer Liu Kun. ‘When you love each other, it really burns. When you hate each other… well, it also burns.’

Click the pic below to buy:

Little Shadow – Possessions

These six tracks on Little Shadows debut release, Possessions, evoke memories of later Hopesfall, Cursive, and at their more dischordant and punishing, a more melodic Nation Blue. All of this is coupled with vocalist Cam Gillard’s stories being told with a balance of layered analogies, and brutal honesty, whilst delivered in a more angelic and balanced tone than his previous work. It’s a fine moment for a relatively fresh band when they can set the benchmark for their peers in such a seemingly effortless manner.

Click the pic below to buy:

Dear Eloise – Beauty in Strangers

Dear Eloise is the side project of P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong together with his wife Sun Xia. Connoisseurs of DIY and low-fi bedroom recordings, the pair create beautiful melodies amongst layers of distortion. Playing all the parts themselves while recording and editing in their home studio, they experiment with song structures and recording techniques. Their songs are interesting and layered while still maintaining a simple innocence. Even though they do not perform live and have released their recordings rather inconspicuously, Dear Eloise has still managed to gain a loyal following in the Chinese scene.
The Archipelago Rises also has some gorgeous little vinyl records by Dear Eloise; well worth investigating.
Click the pic below to buy:

Give & Take – Compilation of Malaysian hardcore punk

Give and Take is a compilation project initiated by us because we (Nervhous Records) think local Malaysian bands deserve the attention and exposure. We asked our friends’ bands to record a song for this compilation and this is the result. So, the bands on this disc represent just a small slice of the ever-growing local DIY music scene. As the title suggests, we need to have tolerance and respect towards each other and at the same time be opened to others, not only our little hc/punk friends circle. This is a co-operative release between Nervhous Records, Red Ink Entertainment, Pissart Records and tenzenmen

Click the pic below to buy

We have a bunch more Tenzenmen including incredible releases from those indie darlings ‘Hedgehog’, the post-punk of ‘Carsick Cars’, the glorious math instru-pop of ‘Lava | Ox | Sea’, the savagely intense Shellac worship from those Aussie monsters ‘Scul Hazzards’ the shimmering, enlightening acousto-rock-folk ‘Travelers’ and those Kiwi-noiseniks ‘Mr Sterile Assembly’. There is a world of musical discovery waiting for you right here:

Rustic – City of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror

Tenzenmen press release:

With Johnny Thunders and the Sex Pistols as their role models in life, and David Bowie as their role model in style, Rustic quickly established a disruptive presence in the grimy towns and cities of their home province with their explosive music and outrageous behavior.

After making the move to Beijing they soon attracted attention from legendary club D-22 for their wild behavior and within months were performing their regularly.

During this time lead singer Lucifer was listed among Time Out Magazine “Top 20 Beijing Rock Stars” and also had videos of his cavorting on the streets of Beijing go viral several times on the Chinese internet. The band also completed two tours in China and released several singles produced by the Swedish producer Fredrik Lyxzen.

After winning the Global Battle of the Bands (make of that what you will!) Rustic toured the UK and returned home to record this classic mix of high energy glam rock. Each tune will make you shake your big hair and shout the choruses!

Some reviews here:

From Maybe Mars:

It is commendable that, although the young guys look unruly and always seem to drop in some damned or sensational lyrics, there is a real deep sense of thinking about the society that surrounds them, shrouded within their sometimes disputed, dramatic, stage style.
So it was that they named their debut album, CITY OF HEARTBREAK ‘N HORROR.
Whether they are so called ‘real’ punk, it’s difficult to say. But in China, they represent a kind of new attitude for the now-a-day punk. Not only in their music, but with their following that is still come.

From The Archipelago Rises:

This album is one hellova good time. It’s tune after tune of foot-stamping, head shaking, dance-ibility. Whilst it’s nothing especially new, the Chinese indie rock scene is growing so quickly that we’d be fools to let it pass us by. The raw talent, the lack of pretension, the musical naivety that bands like Rustic wear on their sleeves is so refreshing in these current times of perfectly polished music. Their stage shows certainly DON’T show any naivety – indeed, they are electric in every sense, but the music itself is young dudes having a fucking good time, singing about money and girls, and they don’t care whether you’re into it or not. I imagine this what New Yorkers were feeling when they were listening to the Ramones for the very first time. Refreshing in these days of boredom.

Click on the pic to buy buy buy.

June 2012 – Twice Removed, Witch Sermon, TARDLS002, Denovali, Psychic Assault distro stuff,


We are now privileged to announce the impending arrival of TARDLS002. TARDLS001 is almost completely out, so the second installment will be with us in no time. Contributing a most wonderful little track is the one and only Gustav Franklin. ‘Other Other’ will soon be going out with orders. Everyone who purchases a new item from The Archipelago Rises will get a one-time-use only download of this track, presented on a collectable laminated card. There’ll be 30 of these individually numbered cards and once they’ve all been given out, they’ll be gone. The track will be available to stream at but will only be available for download via the cards.

There may be a few folks waiting on TARDLS002 to come into full-effect, so another email/blog update will be sent out as soon as it’s up and running.

So, let’s read up on some re-stocks that may wet some appetites!


The Archipelago Rises is pleased and honoured to now be stocking Twice Removed Records releases. Twice Removed is a micro-label based in Perth, Western Australia and they release albums from artists they like, regardless of genre. Sounds like a label after my own heart! The first bank of releases we have are:

Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles?

Gorgeous package, #’d hand stamped release in recycled hand-stitched and stickered sleeve. Ambient, electro-acoustic beauty.

Ryonkt – Troposhpere

Thick, processed guitar drones.

K Wilson – Otherworld

Sold out at source. Limited copies available here. Beautiful electro-acoustic sounds, slightly manipulated.

Ourobonic Plague – Post-Human Possibilities

A cyborg going insane. That’s where I’m at, listening to this.

These Ship Wrecks – Raw Powerless

Mastered by James Plotkin. Very few left at source, limited stocks here. Raw, unmetered experimental post-rock. Wonderful stuff.


Our most recent batch of Witch Sermon stuff sold out instantly. Better get in quick before these get gone too.

Uzala – Uzala cassette (with bonus track not found on LP, individually numbered of 111)

Aarni / Persistence in Mourning – Split CD

Persistence in Mourning – Drink the Wine, The Missionaries are Coming 3″ CDr (self released)

zz – Solar Grey CDr (Abandonment Records)

Winters in Osaka / Fossils – Celestial Hieroglyphs split LP (Cardinal Records)

Winters in Osaka / Hodr – Split cassette (Fusty C*nt Records)

WiO sample:

Hodr sample:


Some very cool punker fun from Rustic, in the form of their latest CD ‘City of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror’.


We’ve got a few very sweet items in from Denovali. Hot out of the post office box and into the shop are Aun’s heavy drone masterpiece ‘VII’ and their ‘Black Pyramid’ release, as well as Selaxon Lutberg’s crazed field recordings soundscapey Euro-dark-ambient-drone thing ‘Cold House of Love’:

You can listen to samples at


We’ve received some awesome jams from Psychic Assault. We’re helping them out, in our own little way.

Fell Voices – Untitled (Gilead Media)

Lycus – MMXI (Flenser)

Uzala – Uzala (At War With False Noise)


A couple of tapes in from the label where Locrian reside.

Cedars of Lebanon – Archive II

Serville Sect – Demos 2005/2006

Hope you folks find some nice stuff to listen to!

Till next time,

Justin in The Archipelago

May 2012: Tenzenmen, Distro, Kickstarter

Another super release has dropped in on us from Tenzenmen. It seems every other week, I get new goodies from this awesome Aussie label. The purveyors of the finest indie and underground rock from China, Southeast Asia and Australia have unleashed another cool-as-a-cucumber release in the form of the new 7″ ‘History’ by Duck Fight Goose.

From Tenzenmen:

Duck Fight Goose was formed in 2009. Members are Duck, Goose, Panda and Dragon. They refuse all kinds of sadness and play funny games with their instruments. They were influenced mainly by themselves. They blend traditional-rock, experimental-rock and electronic music into a swinging and swagging yet psychedelic experience. They are incredibly new.

History taken from upcoming Duck Fight Goose album ‘Sports’. B-side a remix of a track from their debut EP remixed by Brad Ferguson.


In order to help our friends out over at Psychic Assault, The Archipelago Rises has ordered some of their distro items for stock. Incoming is a couple of black metal releases – the 2011 ‘Untitled’ release by Fell Voices (LP released by Gilead Media) and the Flenser Records release ‘MMXI’ by Lycus. In addition to those two records, we’ve got the absolute killer debut full length ‘Self Titled’ LP from Uzala, released by At War With False Noise.


Fully supporting the DIY ethos of stuff like Kickstarter, we are so very happy to help out with ‘It’s Not Night: It’s Space’ promotion here:

If this project gets funded, The Archipelago Rises will be getting copies of the CD in the shop.