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Essence Music CD releases!

Crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘i’s for a future stock partnership between Essence Music and The Archipelago Rises! Whilst we wont get the limited boxsets, we will be getting the regular CD editions in! 🙂 Let me know if there are any releases in particular you would like, and I shall get them in for you! Here’s the complete list of stuff that’s available. I will definitely be getting the Expo 70, Up-Tight and Nadja releases. If you want something else, msg me and I’ll get it in for you. Very, very reasonably priced too! 😀

EXPO SEVENTY – Virtually From The Unknown
UP-TIGHT – The Night Is Yours
NADJA – Queller
CIRCLE – Soundcheck
CIRCLE – Prospekt
AIDAN BAKER – Noise Of Silence
DRAKH – Bethlehem
NADJA – Autopergamene
MERZBOW – Camouflage
NORDVARGR – In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown…
BORIS – Soundtrack From Film Mabuta No Ura

Coming soon!!


New Cosmic Dead vinyl, Twiceremoved Records CDs and Kosmonaut tapes!



Yes, that’s right good folks, the latest Cosmic Dead release ‘EasterFaust’ has landed! Another scintillating Sound of Cobra release, and just in time for Easter too, we’ve got a bunch of copies, on fancy colour vynylz and stuff for your psyche freakout needs. The Cosmic Dead need no introduction to those within any kind of earshot of the current psychedelia movement. Fans of Bong, Earthless, anything from the wonderful Thrill Jockey label, everything from the utterly marvelous Cardinal Fuzz label, Mugstar, Carlton Melton, Eternal Tapestry et al will lap this up like its nobody’s business.


In more Sound of Cobra news, the new album from La Piramide di Sangue will be appearing here soon as well. Entitled ‘Sette’, this is the bands 2nd offering, and if you guys got onto the debut ‘Tebe’, you’ll know that this will be something special. As usual stocks will be limited, and you have the opportunity to reserve a copy if you dont want to miss out. Coz you dont want to miss this.


We’ve got some new jamz in from Twice Removed, our favourite WA experimental label. Check the shop out for these latest releases:

Dane P Yates – ‘Rasasvada’ CDr
Andreas Brandal – ‘Seance’ CDr
Andrea Ricci – ‘Blend’ CDr
Zenjungle – ‘Leaving Stations’ CDr (coming 1 May)

All available albums have links for listening.

We’ve also got a couple of Kosmonaut tapes in stock now. The first release from this synth explorer to the outer limits ‘The Dilation of Mother Cosmos’ and the more recent ‘Green’ cassette released through Avant Archive. Very limited numbers.

Brown Snake Kills Dog will soon be releasing their very first slab of vinyl. Through a proper label and such! 2208 Recordings will be pressing a 7″ lathe, containing 2 tracks which are a precursor to our first full-album release to come out later in the year through Black Horizons. More info soon….


Carsick Cars, those wonderful post-punk-popper-rockers from Beijing have released their 3rd album, appropriately titled ‘3’ through the venerable Tenzenmen. CD and LP versions available! Carsick Cars are essential for your summertime sunshine jamz!!

New Twiceremoved Records releases in store for your ambientdroneexperimental needs

Three new Twiceremoved Records releases in stock now. Very limited qtys, some now sold out at source. $7 each + post. Samples of tunes can be found on each listing.

Benjamin Dauer – The Pace of Which (/50)
A collection of Ambience laced with Field Recordings that are lush and reveal depth.

Easychord – So Lifeless, Sometimes (/50)
Easychord makes a texturally minimal, lush and overflowing sort of ambient music, droney, with use of tape loops music defined with marine mood whereof the favourite format is mid-length suites and large wavy soundscapes composed of drone textures.

Ophion – Sacrosant (/100)
Ophion is a UK duo who’s previous album “Pallor Absentis” came out on the Diametric label. It contained an almost 19 minute BVDub remix which will give you an idea of the sound terrain that this duo work in. Lush, dubby Ambience.

Appalache – Sourire, Debacle Records, Beta-Lactum Ring

We’ve got some nice experimental releases in from Debacle Records

We’ve also got the brand new Bookmaker Records CD release, Sourire by Appalache. Check it out here:

Linear Bells has a new cassette, ‘///’, limited to only 30 in the world and we’ve got a couple for you

New fuzz-rock from Tenzenmen

Some nice Beta-Lactum Ring releases as well

I’ve spent the past night going through the bigcartel shop, adding samples to listings or at least, linx to samples. Now you should be able to have a quick listen to everything we’ve got for sale. We’ve also simplified the shipping process. Everything is now available in the store for everyone in the world to buy and international orders will receive a Paypal Payment Request for the remainder of the shipping monies required to ship the order.

The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series no. 3 (TARDLS003) is shipping with all orders.

International Shipping back up and running in the bigcartel store

Hey all, just a quick note regards the infernal monolith that is Australia Post. The good news is we are up and running again with international shipping through the bigcartel store. The bad news is their international rates have changed once again, so I’ve had to remove individual shipping rates for each item and have added an International Shipping product in the store that you need to select on top of your purchase (if you’re not getting yr item shipped to an Australian address). You will pay the amount of shipping that listed with each item you buy + the International Shipping option in order to get yr item sent.

This may end up seeming like a lot of money, and if you buy multiple LPs, it WILL be a lot of money. HOWEVER, whatever you pay over and above what Australia Post will charge to ship yr item(s), WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU. That is The Archipelago Rises shipping promise. The MAXIMUM shipping any buyer will pay when buying stuff at The Archipelago Rises will be the EXACT postage charge Australia Post charges me to send the item(s).

You can read more about it here:
There is a SHIPPING category in the Label section which has both international shipping options:

REMEMBER, the maximum you will ever pay for shipping through The Archipelago Rises is the exact cost Australia Post charges to send the item.

And, after we make all the calculations, and yr still unhappy with the shipping cost, I will only be too happy to refund your total order before it gets sent out.

Another batch of new arrivals from Twice Removed and Runningonair

Some new ambient/drone/experimental stuff to sink yr ears into!

2 new releases from TWICE REMOVED RECORDS

Berber Ox – Limiter CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Sima Kim – Songs CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

4 new releases from RUNNING ON AIR

‘Whilst Runningonair Music is not genre specific when it comes to releases, a common thread of science, mathematics and technology, as it relates to the every day, has emerged.  These themes are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

When referencing external material Runningonair Music favours the present.  Many other excellent labels concern themselves with the past both in material and technology.  Therefore a relevant question might be what defines the time in terms of sound?’

Regolith – And… CD-r, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Joe Evans – Ecliptic Plane CD+DVD, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Daniel W J Mackenzie – Return Written Arrange CD, in an edition of 100

Click the pic for more info and to buy

Suborno – The Instrument LP, in an edition of 200.

Click the pic for info and to buy

Twice Removed: Ryonkt – Troposphere

The Archipelago Rises is now proudly helping to spread the Twice Removed Records word. Very limited presses, all DIY; this micro-label out of Perth is releasing some very fine ambient/experimental recordings that YOU need to listen to. Head music, straight up.

Ryonkt – Troposphere

Intelligent review here from Sam Gilies at Cyclic Defrost:

Ryonkt is the alias for Japanese artist Ryo Nakata’s guitar-drone project. On his fifth album, Troposphere, Ryonkt seems to leave behind the field recordings and gentle melodies and articulations of his previous releases and focus instead on the construction of thick slabs of pulsing, static texture, a subtler approach that makes this release a more demanding listen than one might initially expect.

There is no recognisable melodic phrasing across the album. The feeling of melody is still present, however through electronic manipulation what might have started out as melody has been transformed into droning meta-structures whose subtle changes and colourations require focused and attentive listening. While the album credits the use of guitar as the source of the sound on display here, in reality there is nothing particularly reminiscent of an electric guitar in the sound of the album. The expected sharp attacks of pitches have been stretched, distorting the timbre and expanding the one-dimensional texture of the electric guitar into a rounded sea of clouded frequencies, sounding surprisingly akin to the synth pads of an early Tangerine Dream recording. Subtle, repetitive pulses push the sound forward, with each layer of sound clearly audible so that the listener can flick their attention between different aspects of the wall of sound at will. The recordings never seem to get messy or unfocused however, there is a definite sense of structure on this album, it’s just that the structure is rather homogenous.

Overall, this album is static drone at its most uncompromising, and the value the listener will derive from the release is entirely dependent on how much interest they have in seeking out the subtle sound shapes that gradually form across these colourful and uplifting slabs of texture. For the listener that is seeking out some ethereal, spaced out drone, Troposphere will satisfy.

Sam Gillies

Another review from Richard Allen at A Closer Listen:

After a blur of releases from 2007-2010, Ryo Nakata all but dropped off the radar.  Troposphere is his confident comeback.  This Japanese drone artist, computer and guitar in tow, has produced a flowing series of robe-like tones that oscillate, retreat and return.  While brass and organ do not appear, their timbres are present: an aural illusion akin to the blending of elements in a Long Island Iced Tea (plenty of ingredients, none of them tea).  When listening to the album’s finest track, “Troposphere One”, one can also imagine a string quartet.  This tonal experimentation is a hallmark of Ryonkt‘s work; on the surface, each track is one long note, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Strange shapes are moving beneath: a chord beneath a chord, a note beneath a note.

Neither harsh nor placid, the album retains a near universal volume.  If any criticism is to be made, it is that the set suffers from a lack of dynamic contrast; the tracks are mastered clearly and loudly, but tend to launch and recede within a matter of seconds.  No sudden moves are made as the sounds travel within their respective geographies.  If some of these elements were brought to the fore – if, for example, a track were allowed to build from silence or shed its clothes for a spell, each layer could be appreciated all the more.  Yet those who prefer the sustained to the segmented are likely to bask in Troposphere‘s regal appeal. 

Richard Allen

Click the picture to buy

Rustic – City of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror

Tenzenmen press release:

With Johnny Thunders and the Sex Pistols as their role models in life, and David Bowie as their role model in style, Rustic quickly established a disruptive presence in the grimy towns and cities of their home province with their explosive music and outrageous behavior.

After making the move to Beijing they soon attracted attention from legendary club D-22 for their wild behavior and within months were performing their regularly.

During this time lead singer Lucifer was listed among Time Out Magazine “Top 20 Beijing Rock Stars” and also had videos of his cavorting on the streets of Beijing go viral several times on the Chinese internet. The band also completed two tours in China and released several singles produced by the Swedish producer Fredrik Lyxzen.

After winning the Global Battle of the Bands (make of that what you will!) Rustic toured the UK and returned home to record this classic mix of high energy glam rock. Each tune will make you shake your big hair and shout the choruses!

Some reviews here:

From Maybe Mars:

It is commendable that, although the young guys look unruly and always seem to drop in some damned or sensational lyrics, there is a real deep sense of thinking about the society that surrounds them, shrouded within their sometimes disputed, dramatic, stage style.
So it was that they named their debut album, CITY OF HEARTBREAK ‘N HORROR.
Whether they are so called ‘real’ punk, it’s difficult to say. But in China, they represent a kind of new attitude for the now-a-day punk. Not only in their music, but with their following that is still come.

From The Archipelago Rises:

This album is one hellova good time. It’s tune after tune of foot-stamping, head shaking, dance-ibility. Whilst it’s nothing especially new, the Chinese indie rock scene is growing so quickly that we’d be fools to let it pass us by. The raw talent, the lack of pretension, the musical naivety that bands like Rustic wear on their sleeves is so refreshing in these current times of perfectly polished music. Their stage shows certainly DON’T show any naivety – indeed, they are electric in every sense, but the music itself is young dudes having a fucking good time, singing about money and girls, and they don’t care whether you’re into it or not. I imagine this what New Yorkers were feeling when they were listening to the Ramones for the very first time. Refreshing in these days of boredom.

Click on the pic to buy buy buy.

June 2012 – Kickstarter projects The Archipelago loves!

Just a short post on some cool happenings Kickstarter-wise.


CHROME CRANKS – Aint No Lies In Blood

If ya’ll got onto the successful Chrome Cranks kickstarter, you should have your signed records by now! Ours arrived last week and true to form, and to the legend the Cranks are, the album RIPS. RIPS NEW ARSEHOLES. Totally awesome, dirty garage rawk.

If you didn’t go the kickstarter, you can order the new record here:



There’s 13 days to go on this bad boy, and a further $1198 (as I type this) out of $5000 to go! To say its been going well is an understatement to say the least. THANKS goes to ALL pledgers and all FUTURE pledgers when this thing gets funded!! If you’re a vinyl nut (and chances are if you’re reading this, you are) there are only 2 left of the vinyl option. 2 only!!! So get in, secure your beautiful piece of wax and let’s get these psych-rock-desert-trip-out dudes funded!!!



Relatively unknown Slovak post-rock-experimental outfit have their own kickstarter-style project running through indiegogo. There’s only $75 to go and 10 days to get it, so again, we’re confident this awesome thing will also be funded. $22 will get you a slice of the vinyl cut, so you know you want it.

Check out some The Ills here:


May 2012: Tenzenmen, Distro, Kickstarter

Another super release has dropped in on us from Tenzenmen. It seems every other week, I get new goodies from this awesome Aussie label. The purveyors of the finest indie and underground rock from China, Southeast Asia and Australia have unleashed another cool-as-a-cucumber release in the form of the new 7″ ‘History’ by Duck Fight Goose.

From Tenzenmen:

Duck Fight Goose was formed in 2009. Members are Duck, Goose, Panda and Dragon. They refuse all kinds of sadness and play funny games with their instruments. They were influenced mainly by themselves. They blend traditional-rock, experimental-rock and electronic music into a swinging and swagging yet psychedelic experience. They are incredibly new.

History taken from upcoming Duck Fight Goose album ‘Sports’. B-side a remix of a track from their debut EP remixed by Brad Ferguson.


In order to help our friends out over at Psychic Assault, The Archipelago Rises has ordered some of their distro items for stock. Incoming is a couple of black metal releases – the 2011 ‘Untitled’ release by Fell Voices (LP released by Gilead Media) and the Flenser Records release ‘MMXI’ by Lycus. In addition to those two records, we’ve got the absolute killer debut full length ‘Self Titled’ LP from Uzala, released by At War With False Noise.


Fully supporting the DIY ethos of stuff like Kickstarter, we are so very happy to help out with ‘It’s Not Night: It’s Space’ promotion here:

If this project gets funded, The Archipelago Rises will be getting copies of the CD in the shop.