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New stuff on its way into The Archipelago Rises

We’ll be stocking the latest record from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. A raucous slab of psyche ROCK, the emphasis on ROCK, this is being released by Weird Beard out of the UK in a very limited edition of 250. We won’t have many, so get yr interest in via email. $22 each.

Also coming in is the long player ‘Spirit Smoke’ by the now-defunct ‘Great Society Mind Destroyers’. An essential slab of psychedelic rock, this vinyl will soon be very difficult to come by. $25 each.


Let’s see how the resurrection goes…

The Archipelago Rises is up and running again. Whilst not of the same sheer volume as the previous incarnation, the attention to detail on quality, independent, hard-to-find-in-Australia releases is still rockin!

In stock now on gorgeous coloured vinyl is Cegvera’s latest slab of heavy post-rock ‘Creations’.

We’ve got a bunch of records from NoiseAgonyMayhem including Moths and Locusts gut-busting 2nd album ‘Helios Rising’, Anunnaki’s debut full length ‘Two Treatise on Gnostic Thought’ (a must have for lovers of long-form entrancing psych), a rip-snorter of a post-punk rocker from The Psychic Alliance ‘Evil Against Evil’ and the most-awesome Canadian psych rock compilation ‘Return of the Son of Gutbucket’, to name a few. Check it out at the bigcartel site; you’ll be hard pressed to find these jams elsewhere in Australia!

Black Horizons have fashioned us with a bunch of weird as all hell tapes, plus the absolutely thrilling full length self titled album from The Holy Circle. Featuring T Hannum from Locrian, you know this is quality shit!

Get your infos on here: The Archipelago Rises

August News! ………Twice Removed Records, Tenzenmen

’bout time we had an update, yeah??!!

it has been a pretty quiet month or so here in The Archipelago Rises, however we have a nice bunch of new things for you to immerse yourselves in.

And, in case you didn’t know, the second installment of The Archipelago Rises DownLoad Series is now shipping with all orders of new items.


Fescal – Moods and Views

Moods & Views is the name of Fescal’s latest installment, which comes as a joint release by Fescal and Twice Removed Records in Australia (Perth). Each album has been fashioned and tailored by Fescal, and manufactured by hand using traditional Korean paper, Chinese string, handmade flowers coloured: red, purple, white and yellow. All flowers are fixed onto two green leaves made out of a local synthetic textile. To add to the uniqueness of the product, each unit comes with two special landscape portraits printed onto gold leaf paper, an album introduction, a personal note from Fescal about the album.

This is an extremely beautiful release, each one carefully constructed both physically and musically. There are only 50 of these in existence and they are flying out the door. Grab this immaculate piece of art now or forever be disappointed.

Click the pic below to buy

Tim Bass – I Have Become Overcome With Thoughts of You

Here’s an in-depth review of the release which highlights the real beauty contained within:

It would be naive to add anything to the above review, except that I can agree on almost all points. The album is inherently warm, lush (without the bombast), gorgeously enveloping and like all good ‘drone/ambient’ music, it demands and succeeds in retaining your attention for the duration of the release. Visions in my mind of beaches, of loneliness for a beautiful day, heart breaking and mending all at the same time.

This melts your heart and yearns for your love.

Click the pic below to buy:

Bengalfuel – Roeblin

Bengalfuel is the work of Lou DiBenedetto and Joe LiTrenta, two friends who grew up together in New Jersey. Each has produced music separately for years; Lou as Dentist, and Joe under the moniker, Doc Deem. At the end of 2009, they created Bengalfuel: a collaborative project combining elements of both of their musical styles. Since, they have put out numerous releases including ‘Durban’ on Polish netlabel Isolationism, an EP on Rural Colours called ‘Feldspar’ and ‘Oneida’ for Lizard Breakfast Recordings. ” Download includes download only track “Cells” not on the cd-r, while cd-r includes “Dreamcatcher” not included in download. The latest release from this amazing US duo.

Click the pic below to buy:

Cycle~440 – Cartography of Shifting Planes

Check a review out here:

Think of your favourite book. Remember however much that you needed to, you just couldn’t stop turning the pages. It draws you into its world and doesn’t let you leave until you’ve exhausted yourself. This album reminds me of my favourite book. It is a fully immersive release, there is no track-by-track listening regime; the only way you  can listen to this is from start to finish, allowing it to pour through your ears and into your nether.

It combines so many elements of the experimental music frontier that limiting it to a ‘genre’ would be disaster. But a mess of ideas it is not. Cycle~440 have created a release that is driven, has purpose, yet takes the listener on a head trip. Take it as read, if you are reading this blog, you’ll want to be hearing this release.

Please, have a listen below. It deserves your ears.

Click the pic below to buy:

Craig McElhinney – Sore Loser

Here’s a nice review of this piece:

Click the pic below to buy:

Other Twice Removed releases still available in The Archipelago Rises:

K Wilson – Otherworld CDr /100

Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong With Miracles /100

Ourobonic Plague – Post-Human Possibilities /100

Ryonkt – Troposhpere /100 (only a few of these left)

These Ship Wrecks – Raw Powerless /100


A bunch of new releases have arrived from the ever-reliable Tenzenmen. Check it:

Duck Fight Goose – Sports

Sports is the first full-length from widely touted Shanghai artists Duck Fight Goose, fresh from their invite to SXSW and History 7” release earlier this year. The eleven-track album combines elements of ambient post-rock and math-rock, with heavily textured songs that build layers upon layers before blooming into complex psychedelic mosaics. Sports represents a creative leap from Duck Fight Goose’s first release, the straightforward math-rock EP, Flow, and has been roundly acclaimed in the Chinese press as one of the best albums of 2012.
Click the pic below to buy

Boyz & Girl – Self Titled

This four-piece shoegaze outfit quickly raced to the forefront of Taipei’s fast growing independent music scene- and for good reason. The completion of their warmly received eponymous freshman album has cemented their place in the hearts of an ever-growing fan base. Though Shoegaze is hardly a new phenomenon, Boyz & Girl has found a contemporary home in the genre, due largely in part to their fresh sounds and mature songwriting. The raucous yet dreamy guitars of Jon, pieced masterfully with Sonoko’s artistic drumming and Guo Guo’s steady basslines, creates an impeccable balance with the juvenile youth and innocence discovered through BenBen’s vocals.

Click the pic below to buy:

Low Wormwood – Lanzhou Lanzhou

The cliché goes that some geographical areas are synonymous with certain sounds: Merseybeat from Liverpool, for example, or grunge from Seattle. But it’s also the case that certain bands define their locales. Here, one tends to think of such acts as Arcade Fire, who did just that for Montreal with Funeral and The Suburbs. Such is the case with Low Wormwood, whose latest album, Lanzhou Lanzhou (their second licensed to tenzenmen) is perhaps a defining moment for both the band and the city of the title. Unlike many bands from Lanzhou, this quartet don’t practise harmony- driven guitar folk. The metrics of this album depart from their early grunge and shoot for a less fiery but more coherent structure, coupling string-soaked flourishes of folk-rock with mundane lyrics about day-to-day living in Lanzhou. It borders on being a concept album, but the catchy rhythms manage to dilute the anthropological solemnity and make this something special. ‘Recording this album is almost like being in a relationship,’ explains lead singer Liu Kun. ‘When you love each other, it really burns. When you hate each other… well, it also burns.’

Click the pic below to buy:

Little Shadow – Possessions

These six tracks on Little Shadows debut release, Possessions, evoke memories of later Hopesfall, Cursive, and at their more dischordant and punishing, a more melodic Nation Blue. All of this is coupled with vocalist Cam Gillard’s stories being told with a balance of layered analogies, and brutal honesty, whilst delivered in a more angelic and balanced tone than his previous work. It’s a fine moment for a relatively fresh band when they can set the benchmark for their peers in such a seemingly effortless manner.

Click the pic below to buy:

Dear Eloise – Beauty in Strangers

Dear Eloise is the side project of P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong together with his wife Sun Xia. Connoisseurs of DIY and low-fi bedroom recordings, the pair create beautiful melodies amongst layers of distortion. Playing all the parts themselves while recording and editing in their home studio, they experiment with song structures and recording techniques. Their songs are interesting and layered while still maintaining a simple innocence. Even though they do not perform live and have released their recordings rather inconspicuously, Dear Eloise has still managed to gain a loyal following in the Chinese scene.
The Archipelago Rises also has some gorgeous little vinyl records by Dear Eloise; well worth investigating.
Click the pic below to buy:

Give & Take – Compilation of Malaysian hardcore punk

Give and Take is a compilation project initiated by us because we (Nervhous Records) think local Malaysian bands deserve the attention and exposure. We asked our friends’ bands to record a song for this compilation and this is the result. So, the bands on this disc represent just a small slice of the ever-growing local DIY music scene. As the title suggests, we need to have tolerance and respect towards each other and at the same time be opened to others, not only our little hc/punk friends circle. This is a co-operative release between Nervhous Records, Red Ink Entertainment, Pissart Records and tenzenmen

Click the pic below to buy

We have a bunch more Tenzenmen including incredible releases from those indie darlings ‘Hedgehog’, the post-punk of ‘Carsick Cars’, the glorious math instru-pop of ‘Lava | Ox | Sea’, the savagely intense Shellac worship from those Aussie monsters ‘Scul Hazzards’ the shimmering, enlightening acousto-rock-folk ‘Travelers’ and those Kiwi-noiseniks ‘Mr Sterile Assembly’. There is a world of musical discovery waiting for you right here:

May 2012: Bell Witch, Witch Sermon, TARDLS, 2nd hand

How do all? It’s been a while I know since updating the blog, so we’ll try and get everything up to speed here. I do intend to make much more regular updates in future. Outside The Archipelago, it’s been busy here recently….


Our most recent arrival is the 12″ Bell Witch release from Psychic Assault ‘Demo 2011’. Beautifully presented tip-on vinyl with gloss and matte black sleeve and insert. This is the blurb from the label:

“Like smoking blunts with Edgar Allan Poe.”

I think that pretty much sums it up, but I’ll also tell you that these guys are a two piece doom outfit from Seattle. The demo comprises four tracks; building slowly from haunting intro to equally crawling, doomed incantation. Riffs. God I can’t believe I just said ‘riffs’. But totally, man, the RIFFS. And the vocals, at times rising chant-like, moving from high keening cry to a shriek at a pace so glacial it’s hard to even notice. No, no it’s not even so simple – slow, creeping, at times beautiful, funeral doom. Ritualistic? yea sure, chances are you’ll end up killed. or pregnant. The point is: let it fucking haunt you. on vinyl. specifically.


Got a few re-stocks and new things in from Witch Sermon. These are selling very fast at the moment, so don’t expect them to hang around. What we have is doom. Doom doom doom.

Rigor Sardonicous – Vivescere Exitium (Live in New York) is the first cab off the rank. This tape is fully eviscerating from one of the bleakest, most harrowing bands to ever rise from the nether.

From the label: “A live recording from one of the longest running extreme doom bands in history (formed in 1988!) pressed to pro tape.  Set list contains tracks from throughout their career (as well as a couple of surprises).” Get a taste of the horror here:

RL:ZZ – Esotericists cassette

These are running oh so very low. On a worldwide basis, yr looking at single figures of availability, so if yr sitting on the fence, you’d better get off it and get buying. A phenomenal occult ambient drone release from one of my new favourite acts. RL:ZZ are in full-fledged band mode, with the follow on from this release ‘Fertility and War’ being sold out here already and new release ‘Shrine’ about to hit.

Esotericists blurb from Witch Sermon: “First release from ambient/noise duo comprised of members of Unearthly Trance and Persistence in Mourning.  Edition of 81 hand numbered copies with inserts.”

To wet yr appetite for Shrine, have a listen to the first track ‘Deception’ here:

The rest of our Witch Sermon restocks sold out instantly. We will do our best to get some more across the pond, but these are usually very limited runs anyways.

We’re getting close to the end of availability of TARDLS001. Seems like folks are into the idea! J We have a few more codes available then it’ll be onto TARDLS002. A big thanks to those that have shown express interest in the series. We hope that those that have received these in their purchases and weren’t expecting them have been pleasantly surprised with their little extra.

2nd hand stuff has been added to the discogs page. Some pretty neat bargains here. 2nd hand items are not eligible for TARDLS downloads though. Sorry about that. Although, if you buy a new release as well, yr’ll be sorted!

Updated Sale Section!

I’ve set up a page for all the stuff on special. Check it out! Buy some fun 4 cheap!

The 12 FREE downloads of Xmas continues with Angel Eyes and Herra Terra!

The 12 Days of FREE downloads, 12.26.11 edition, releases from last year:

Since we missed a few days of doing this over xmas, we’ve left Lavinia up for free download and kept the vinyl and CD on sale, and we’re doing two albums today! Check ’em!

Angel Eyes Midwestern [7.13.10]

Download the album for FREE right here:

And purchase the the LP or CD on SALE for 30% off here!:

“Midwestern is haunting and hammering, blending the fury of metal with the surge and sweep of post-rock. It’s a fascinating hybrid… “ —J. Edward Keyes, eMusic Editor-In-Chief

“The album is a bleak, punishing journey…” —Outburn Magazine

“Like Neurosis crossed with Explosions In The Sky fronted by a vocalist who skipped his rabies treatment…” —Decibel Magazine

“I am completely serious; Midwestern is an excellent album that I would consider “not to be missed”, and the album certainly shows that Angel Eyes can drop their gloves with the best of them…” —Scene Point Blank

“Angel Eyes have molded all of their frustrations and criticisms into a beautifully dark and moody record that paints a picture of a world corrupted by society’s skewed perceptions of history…” —Decoy Music

And also…

Herra Terra Quiet Geist

Download the album for FREE right here:

And purchase the the LP or CD on SALE for 30% off here!:

“rocks from the first note to the last, yet balances memorable songwriting and very catchy melodies into a concoction that is destined to be the next big thing…” —Outburn Magazine

“Quiet Geist doesn’t ask for introspection or analysis. Instead, it asks you to simply let go, live in the moment, and embrace disillusionment…” —Short And Sweet NYC

“Despite all the electronics, the music doesn’t feel at all synthetic. They managed to maintain a more organic feeling to their songs and the songs are really catchy and melodic…” —The Punk Vault

“Quiet Geist- with its overcast and sometimes nihilistic tint- is more of an anthem for the disillusioned rather than an answer to their questions…” —Indie Ambassador

“Do yourself a favor, listen to Herra Terra. It does not matter if you’re not into electronica bands, their music transcends beyond the genre. If you’re a true fan of music, pick up a copy of Quiet Geist…” —South Coast Underground

The 12 FREE downloads of Xmas continues with Lavinia!

The 12 Days of FREE downloads, 12.22.11 edition, releases from last year:

Lavinia There Is Light Between Us [11.16.10]

Download the album for FREE right here:

And purchase the the LP or CD on SALE for 30% off here!:

“The five songs that make up ‘There Is Light Between Us’ establish the parameters of a style that should bear promising fruit for years to come… “ — Alternative Press

“Lavinia invest their downcast mood music with gauzy Cure-style guitars/vocals (“A Damning Confession”), and make great use of slide guitar and banjo (“Windmills”, “Bone & Arrow”) alongside the genre’s warhorse tremolo and tom drums…” — Decibel Magazine

“there remains a certain, enchanting vibe on There Is Light Between Us… there is something unique within this project’s retro 90’s aesthetic that makes it easily stick out amongst it’s peers…” — Outburn Magazine

“it’s the manner in which Lavinia offset any naval-gazing tendencies with muscular post rock dynamics that ultimately makes ‘There Is Light Between Us’ such a captivatingly beautiful listen… “ — Rock Sound

“Bleak, haunting, delicate, and impossibly massive, There Is Light Between Us is a grand gesture of beauty and solemn depth…” — Decoy Music

The 12 FREE downloads of Xmas contines with Beware of Safety!

Beware of Safety – Leaves/Scars [7.12.11]

Download the album for FREE right here:

And purchase the the 2xLP or CD on SALE for 30% off here!:

“The textures the band creates are often striking…” — Pop Matters

“BoS have set themselves apart as a powerhouse in the post-rock scene with Leaves/Scars…” — Consequence of Sound
“Dogs is heavy. Dogs is not everyday fare. But I’ll tell you what, Dogs is as tight as instrumental records come…”” — Absolute Punk

“The arrangements sometimes even just rock out, rather than just floating on a cloud of atmospherics – check the heads down riffing of “Circa” and “Yards and Yards”. There’s less haze and more hard light on “dogs”, making the songs easy to catch and hold…”

The End of the ebay Experiment

The Archipelago Rises is no longer on ebay. The experiment, whilst moderately successful, wasn’t successful enough to warrant a continued ebay presence.

We are going to concentrate on building our main sites:
and the discogs listing page

Rest assured all ebay orders have been completed and every single parcel has been shipped.

Gifts from Enola + Caravels split up now for preorder over at the Sheath!

Pre-order here: Mylene Sheath Webstore
Stream: Gifts From Enola – Angel Face HERE

Side A – Caravels
1. Sagan Genesis [4:31]
2. Beer Pressure [4:12]
3. Bone Voyage [4:56]

Side B – Gifts From Enola
4. Angel Face [6:58]
5. Water Torture [7:41]

Release date: January 24, 2012
Pre-orders ship on or before release date.

Pressing Info:
1000 total
– 100 opaque dark green (Sheath mailorder exclusive)
– 300 white (Sheath/Redeye distribution color)
– 100 clear gold (Topshelf mailorder exclusive)
– 300 coke bottle green (Topshelf/EMI distribution color)
– 200 clear (band exclusive)

Press Release:
“Partners in crime Caravels and Gifts From Enola have been threatening to make a split album together for a couple years now, and luckily for all of us… they’ve finally made good on that threat. Harrisonburg, VA’s Gifts From Enola offer up two razor sharp, hardcore-tinged, post-something rippers, pushing forward hard on the evolution of their sound from the critically acclaimed self-titled 2010 full length that included “touches of Thrice’s well structured post-hardcore, Tortoise’s experimental side and even a little Fugazi thrown in for good measure” according to Decibel Magazine and that Lambgoat called a “gorgeous kaleidoscope of guitar playing and overall musicianship”. Meanwhile, Las Vegas, NV natives in Caravels continue to push their multi-textured brand of emotive hardcore into new and unexplored territory. And for a band “already on the cusp of greatness” as Punk News proclaimed, it’s impossible to listen to these songs and not believe that they have lived up to that hype with these three tracks – their newest hybrids of old school screamo blended seamlessly with layered post-rock elements. Sure, there is a lot of screaming and yelling, and a lot of loud guitars and drums, and an overall aggressive tone to the body of work on this split, but the only absolute and true over riding common denominator is that both bands effortlessly defy easy classification, making this split both as challenging and as rewarding as they come.

The Gifts From Enola tracks were recorded by Will Benoit at Radar Studios (Junius, Cancer Conspiracy, Constants), while the Caravels tracks were cut at Earthling Studios with Mike Kamoo. Mastering duties were handled by Carl Saff (Grails, Young Widows, Tiny Vipers, The Black Heart Procession), with artwork handled by Charlie Wagers at Three Bears Design (mewithoutYou, Unwed Sailor, The Fray, Caspian). The album is set for a vinyl and digital release on January 24th, 2012 via Topshelf Records and The Mylene Sheath, respectively. Caravels appears courtesy of Topshelf Records, while Gifts From Enola appears courtesy of The Mylene Sheath. Each label will have exclusive colors of vinyl available for both mailorder and retail purchase, while the bands will have an exclusive color as well.”

Gifts From Enola online:

Caravels online:

You can also preorder the album from Topshelf Records here: Topshelf Webstore